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HIKVISION Network Video Recorder DS-7104/7108NI-Q1/4P/M(Q1/8P/M)

KSh12,000.00 (KSh12,000.00 Incl. VAT)

HIKVISION Embedded 4K NVR DS-9616/32/64NI-I8

KSh100,000.00 (KSh100,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision NVR DS-96256NI-I16 256 Channels Up to 12MP

KSh350,000.00 (KSh350,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision DS-96128NI-I16 128 Channels Super 4K NVR

KSh255,000.00 (KSh255,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision DS-9664NI-I16 64 Channels Embedded 4K NVR

KSh195,000.00 (KSh195,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision Embedded 4K NVR DS-9664NI-I8 64 Channels Network Video Recorder Up to 12 Mp

KSh120,000.00 (KSh120,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision DS-7716NI-K4/16P 16 Channels Embedded Plug & Play 4K NVR

KSh36,000.00 (KSh36,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision DS-7732NI-K4 32 Channels Embedded 4K NVR

KSh50,000.00 (KSh50,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision DS-7608NI-K1-8P 8 channel POE NVR recorder

KSh20,000.00 (KSh20,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision DS-7604NI-K1/4P 4 Channels Embedded Plug & Play 4K NVR

KSh13,500.00 (KSh13,500.00 Incl. VAT)

Hikvision DS-7616NI-K2/16P 16 Channels Embedded Plug & Play 4K NVR

KSh25,000.00 (KSh25,000.00 Incl. VAT)

HIKVISION NVR DS-7716NI-E4/16P 16 channels Network Video Recorder NVR

KSh35,000.00 (KSh35,000.00 Incl. VAT)