Flying Voice FPX9102H Wireless Mini IP-PBX

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Flying Voice FPX9102H Wireless Mini IP-PBX

Flying Voice FPX9102H Wireless Mini IP-PBX Kenya

Wireless Mini IP-PBX

FPX9102H, based on Asterisk and Open WRT, is the newest product of Flyingvoice, which make focus on the needs of small and medium-sized domestic enterprises. It is an embedded IP phone system, Dual-Band network control and management in one device.

What is more, The IP Phone of Flyingvoice can achieve “plug and play “ function when connect to FPX9102H, the phone directly connected FPX9102H wired or wireless can easily achieve automatic configuration,and it provides a business Wireless IP Phone system thatis adapted to the using of about 50 people.

FPX9102H  manage  your  office’s  voice  and  data  services at  the same time,  it  not only  provides efficient communication costs control, but also it can integrate existing sources of your office, help improve your working efficiency and enhance the competitiveness.